This is it you guys… the first chapter-book I’ve ever illustrated, The Madrona Heroes Register is officially launched!

The ebook is up on Amazon in four parts. We split up the book into four parts as that’s what drives Amazon’s recommendation engine. And hey, it’s only $0.99 each!

I have two huge favors to ask:

1. Could you post a review of the book on Amazon

2. Could you share a link to the book far and wide on your favorite social media.

The single biggest driver of success for a book on Amazon is reviews. And I am asking for yours. It’s fine to just post a review of the whole book under “part 1”. Just mention you’re reviewing all four parts together.

And if you’re are a user of, you could copy and paste your review over there as well.

In addition to rating and reviewing the book, if you feel like it, share it, tell your friends, your co-workers, the kids in your life, the kids in your friends’ lives, you get the idea. 

No matter what you do or don’t do I’m so grateful for all the support and feedback I’ve gotten from all you guys so far. It’s been such an amazing project to work on. I’m so glad that Hillel had approached me a year ago to work on this book with him, and I’m so happy I said yes!