Kind Words at the Gilmore Auto Show

I went to see some old vintage cars at the Farmers Market last Saturday. It was the Gilmore Heritage Auto Show. To tell you the truth, I don’t know anything about the cars, but I just like looking at all the small details, especially the dashboards. I wish they still make dashboards like that, with switches and knobs, and junk. Some of them looks like juke boxes.

After going through the whole show, I sat down and did a sketch. So many people kept coming up to me and said nice things while I painted. One guy, who was the owner of one of the cars I was sketching came up to me and said that he’s been to so many car shows like this, and I was the first person he’d ever seen who has the patience to draw the cars. I stayed in that spot for quite a while, and every so often he would come by and check on my progress, “hmm, that’s coming along nicely” he said when I finally painted his car in.

It’s the moss green color one the right. He even got out a swatch sample of the car paint, he brought it close to my sketch book and said that I nailed down the color pretty well. I forgot to ask him his name, but he did give me his email address so I sent him a link to the finished piece, because he was so keen on seeing it done. He also asked if I’d like to have his extra ticket to the BBQ afterwards (for the show participants only). I had to decline, not because I thought he was a DOM*, but because I had made other plans. But it would’ve been fun to see what goes on after the show.

That was probably the funnest sketching session I’ve ever had. It just makes you feel good when strangers just come up to you and say nice things about your work, ya know? 

*Dirty Old Man, according to Jamie’s mom.