Lettering Contest!

Romina told me about this Design Your Own Alphabet Contest from Design Sponge a week ago, and I told her that I was gonna give it a shot. I had a whole week to work on it, so of course I didn’t start until the night before it was due. But it came out pretty decent, especially after I start using the letters for the type spec poster.

I’ve been doing a lot of stippling for some reason lately, maybe it’s just a good way to get out aggression, I don’t know. But That’s what my idea of the alphabet is: stippled script letters. It’s called Salt & Pepper.

This isn’t the screenshot that I sent to the contest, cause I ran out of time last night. I just made this type spec this morning for fun. Oh, well, I’m not too gung-ho about winning the money prize anyways.

Here are some detailed screenshots of all the stippling!